Monday, July 27, 2009

Crepe Myrtle II (seed series)

On the making of a Creype Myrtle seed head.

bloom cases with 6 spits.

the opening case with confetti stuffing.

the open pod

fully opened.

closing back like a clam

loosing petal

early fruit.

fall fruit

fall colors and emptied seed hulls.
These are from years gone by, but the Crepe's this year are WAY over the top. Cooler temps and rain and made for a Crepe fest.

Crepe Myrtle Extravaganza (sp?)




Crepe Myrtle Extravazanza, Info to be added.

Monday, July 20, 2009

More Passion

I don't usually run multiple entries of the same flower, but its hard to get too much passion, especially when they come with a big bumble bee. (all pics, July 18, 2009).
It would appear, that the Passion flower is designed, just for such a host. Note how the overturned anther (Pollen bearing thing that looks like a clutch purse) rubs that back of the bee, swabbing him in pollen as he feeds at the nectar rich center.
For more on the Passion flower see original Passion Flower entry just a couple blogs back.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Snapshot, Week 27, July 5 -11 Summer Pow

Creype exposion

A rod weed before it goes into full chandelier-head excess.

Purple Thistle throwing fur.

My passion! (See earlier passion flower post)

After several weeks of little to show (too hot --or on the road) we return to Snapshots (July 5-11) with fewer but powerful offerings.
While many of of the field flowers have wilted or dried -- The Black Eyed-Susan's are toast, some flowers really take to the heat. Crepe Myrtles --in White, Pale Pink, Hot Pink, Grape, and dark Magenta --are like no year I can remember. (Nice thing about growing older; last year may have been as intense, I just can't remember;)

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Passion Flower (Maypop)

Passiflora incarnata

Note: I do not know if Passiflora incarnata applies to the white blooms, or only the purple version.

These pics are from previous years, but the Passions are in full blitz right now.

While some believe the fruit of the Passion flower stirs the passions of the standard kind, the Passion flower is not named for any aphrodisiac effects--Rather it gained its name when Spanish explorers came to the new world and were startled by the bloom, and saw in it symbols from the Passion of the Christ.

Symbols include: three prongs (Trinity), five wounds, crown of thorns, robe of purple, and forty lashes. While I do not know if God works to communicate on such a level, I am content with the idea the the one who made the world ---and the Passion flower, entered into the world robed in flesh.

For a picture of an unusual Yellow Passion flower, see Marvin's wonderful nature site:

Passion Flower 2 (fruit)

Passion flower fruit: info to be added.
I hope to soon add some of my own experiences with the eating of the Passion fruit (my old writing is hidden in an E-file somewhere, but Carla Herra of Mature Health < > shares that she has harvested the flower itself for medicinal purposes.
Traditional medicinal use of the flower and vine has been to treat nervous disorders and insomnia, but recent studies of the herb indicate it also relieves muscle spasms and lowers blood pressure. Tablets and other products containing passionflower are popular in Europe as a mild sedative and anxiety reliever.
For more on possible uses of the Passion flower see Carla's essay posted in the comments section.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009


You will see that there is nothing new from the last week, snapshot or otherwise. That's because I really am on vacation and outside of Arkansas. It appears however, that we have hit something of the summer doldrums and far fewer new floral things to present. (Truth is there is a great deal of floral weed stuff going on.) Even so, upon my return I hope to post some dozen things that I missed posting at the time due to a lack tof the same. And keep your eyes peeled for more info on the September 24 ID ARKANSAS showing at the Faulkner County Library.