Friday, February 12, 2010

Snapshot, 2/8/10 - 2/10/10 Blanco

I have chased these rhythms with my lens
‘til I know now the basic parts:
A warming monolithic snow
dipping maple wood wet-black
and casting snowmen,
followed by the polyrhythm drip
and the ever catching earth.
(fragment, KSJ Incredible Math)
This is not a normal "ID Arkansas" post, as in - showcasing something to ID -- but this "Snapshot" reinforces for me just what a tight clock "Mother Nature" runs. I have pictures taken over several years that show major weather storms during this specific time in February. Last year, the 9th, it was a full on ICE assault culminating in one of the worst natural disasters in AR recorded history, the year before that we had back to back snow falls on the 6th and 9th. Only difference, that year Spring got a false start in January, which led to early blooming things (the Japanese Magnolia in particular) taking it on the chin. It would seem the Japanese Mags learned their lesson this year and are staying tightly tucked.

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