Saturday, May 1, 2010

Pink Evening Primrose

Pink Evening Primrose
(Recycle, from May 1, 2008)

Speaking about clockwork, all of these images were taken in the first days of May... across three separate years.

Location: Conway, AR entrance ramp, and I-40 between Maumelle, AR and the I-430 exchange.
The pink eveing primrose is part of a much larger Primrose family, some wof which look much different than the flower pictured here. A quick survey of the Primrose family suggests that a common element may be the striking four pronged pistil.
As is, the Pink Evening Primrose is built on a 2/4/8 symmetry.
Each bloom appears to have four major petals, which in turn are divided into two symetrical halves. The two halves together form something of a heart. (When viewed from obove, the bloom --with four squat hearts, can look kind of squarish) Each bloom comes with eight stamen, with yellow pollinated anthers. The four-pronged pisitl shoots out of the central well, with a dirct feed to the seed chamber about a half-inch below.

These things are heavy pollinators, marking my clothes whith thick sploches of yellow. They appear to grow in patches, and the individual clusters often form in of a dome (with the older growth at the center lifted slightly higher.)

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