Friday, April 30, 2010

Rosa Multiflora

To be honest, I am not sure this next bush and close-up are of a "Rosa Multiflora". The bloom clusters are not as tight. But if not a multiflora, it's pretty close.

(Recycle, as I am seeing all manner of wild rose -- and garden variety - pop out everywhere)
Wild Rose Bush (Rosa Multiflora)
First week of May, 2008

I've been taking pictures of blooming things for some time, but I have never seen as many wild “bush” roses that I have seen in this last week. I am not sure if that is because I never stopped to photograph them (they are a photographic challenge) or, if with recent rains there are just more of them.

Everywhere I look I am seeing bushes, hedges, and tendrils exploding with wild white roses.

As is, I am not sure if all of the rose covered bushes are of the same species, or simply family variations. The flowers at top appeared more clustered than those shown lower.

For more on wild rose groupings see:

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