Sunday, April 4, 2010


the small gree flower of the Dogwood.

"Y" branch attached to "Y" branch

Flowering Dogwood (American Dogwood)
Cornus florida
Pics from serveral different years, though most in the first week of April.

Question: How do you tell a dogwood?
Answer: by its bark.
Corny joke aside, the easiest way to tell a Dogwood (after the flower) is the shape of its branch. Dogwoods tend to produce a wishbone shaped branch, with "Ys" growing out of "Y's" - so they are pretty easy to spot, even without leaf. Truth is, the thing we call the Dogwood flower is not a true flower. And the white petals are not real petals. Technically they are "Bracks", and the flowers -- a collection of them -- much like the center of daisy, is comprised of the small flowers. In the case of the Dogwood, the real flower is almost inconspicuous and green! (See second frame above)

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