Friday, November 13, 2009

White Oak (maybe)

White Oak/ Black jack oak hybrid?

White Oak/Red Oak, Black Oak, Blackjack oak hybrid?

One of the real challenges for those who identify oak varieties is this: Many varieties of oak hybridize with one another (or are simply too closely related --- and share common family attributes) A guide I have used to identify Oaks, shows the highly lobed variety found at top as a "white oak" though it differs considerably from the narrow lesser lobed variety showcased in the White Oak entry above. The third and fourth photos have attributes I identify with white oak --and other oaks. I simply lack the expertise to break these down any further.

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Πανδώρα Άγαδακις said...

I've noticed that when Blackjack Oaks are around, hybrids abound. Found this oddball the other day. I make it to be a Blackjack x Live Oak cross.