Friday, November 13, 2009

Chestnut Oak

Chestnut Oak : Quercus prinus
(of the White Oak family)
My first thought is that this Oak (leaf) will be easier to identify than others, in that it hardly looks like any of the other oaks. But now I'm not sure. The photos on the web of the Chestnut Oak generally show a somewhat broader and slighlty lobed elongated leaf. I may have to change my ID with more information


Anonymous said...

It is a chinkapin oak they are very similar to chestnut oak only the fruit they drop look like little porcupines. They are good trees and I believe have a sme art of relation to your common white oak varieties.

Jake Prescott said...

Pardon me not a chinkapin oak but simple a chinkapin

Anonymous said...

It is sad to see the destruction of such a majestic tree. The downed trunk and limbs gave me an opportunity to observe the top and innards of the tree...Fast Growing Tree Nursery