Monday, March 2, 2009

Snapshot Week 8: 2/22 -2/28 Maple Force

file: Johnquils

Red-Maple flowerette

File: Japanese Magnolia

Japanese Magnolia of the stubby branch, second variety

file: Wild Pear (Bradford?)


1)The lacy smaller Jonquil made a showing, while the the larger big daffodils are poking up.

2)The Silver Tip and Mountain Maples continue in full flower, though I have yet to see a whisper from the larger Sugar Maples.

3/4) Japanese Magnolia varieties 1 and 2 in full force at the Arkansas State Capitol. Variety 2 is a little later blooming with shorter pedals, found on short stubby branches.

5) Tuesday/Wednesday 24/25 - I noticed the first wild Pear in bloom (these may be Bradfords, but they are less shaped than the store bought variety. Thursday morning (2/26) Brads started opening in Little Rock. The trees started blooming in mass between 10 Am and 2PM. Really. Followed by a similar cycle a day later in Conway. (The quick flash bloom seems to have slowed given colder temps into the weekend.

Other activity:

Yellow forsythia (sp)
Pink Japonica

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