Monday, March 23, 2009

Snapshot week 11: 3/15 - 3/21 New Green

Bradford Pears go green, petals roll down the street.

Lawns are rather bumpity with all kinds of fresh weed growth, onion grass, and nettle. (More next week)

Redbud, harmonize with new green and the copper green of new Oak (catkin) growth.

Garden Peach tree

New Sweetgum leaves and seedball clusters, with a couple of seed balls left from last year. (Note: the new seed balls will eventually drop and then hang below the branch as the balls gain mass.

Work kept me hopping this last week so new photo content is at a premium, but this last week was dominated by the cast of Redbud on the newly emerging oaks, and the proliferation of the Maple seedlings (Red, Mountain, Silvertip). Other standouts: new Sweetgum seed/leaf, the last of the peach, bold white cherry, and assorted other fruit tree blooms of uncertain identity.)

Maple "Helicopter seeds" belonging to an unknown variety. (Probably Mountain Maple)

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