Monday, April 20, 2009

Sanapshot, Week 15 4/12-4/18

Calico green

Final tree mix, heavy in white oak, goes green.

False Dandelion (Cat's ear) - grows like it was planted in a vase.

Ragwort "Stick Weeds"

Supise "Albino" white bloom among the Crimson tide.

Crimson Clover/ White Oak. The Crimson clover are off the charts the year, and are the number one search item that are bringing folks to this blog. Tag: Red flower along highways.

This week was a lot like last week only more so. A little warmer, though not much. Cold nights, gorgeous days, with Thomas Kincaid landscapes replete Dogwoods amidst azaleas. (The dogs are greening but still go strong, and I believe the Pink Dogs follow slightly on the heals of the more prodigious white.) The woods are fully calico, with White Oak, Pin Oak, Walnut (or Pecan), and Sycamore serving as caboose on the green machine.

My big find this week is the White Oak. May sound strange in that I have been taking pictures of growing things for years; however this is my first year to be deeply aware of the White Oak as distinct from all other Oaks. And now that I have realised that distinction, I wonder how I ever lacked clarity before. (I plan a larger post this week given to the White Oaks). So stay tuned.

Quick notes/things observed:

  1. The "Dogs" go green
  2. Multihued Azalea patches, some going sour, and some going bold.
  3. White mini-daisies on a stick., appear to follow ragwort by about a week.
  4. White "snow" bushes. (I took some pics then erased them for the file space.)
  5. Lots of mini-rose things.
  6. A suggestion of Primrose.
  7. A deep thickening of buttercup fields.
  8. Several varieties of smell good trees and shrubs.
  9. The Seeding (finally) of the Sugar maples.

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