Monday, April 6, 2009

Snapshot Week 13: March 29 - April 5: Virid

Beyond the "Dogs" the big news this week was green - in every virid shade. (Virid = living pulsing green of a sort that doesn't seem to record with full force on film/or a digital plane. I have often thought of virid green to be the opposite but equal of blood-red corpuscles as viewed through a microscope. )

The new Sweetgum seedballs begin to mature. If I have it right, only one of the balls of the multi-ball cluster makes the descent, while the rest of the cluster falls to the ground. (See week 11)

Redbud purple dims as new green "hearts" push from the tips.

Not sure if this is new Walnut or Pecan growth (Mount Magazine view)

Still waiting on a better ID, but this catkin belongs to a member of the Birch family.

(File/04) Southern Red Oak goes to leaf, even as the catkins leave.

End of week, Southern Red Oak in full regalia (but still thickening)

Virid copper green Oaks near the State Capitol. These would be Willow Oaks, unless the leaf fattens up and I find they are Water Oaks. (There are some other very apparent Willow Oaks on ground that are not near as bunchy with leaf.

While the White oaks and Pin Oaks seem just now bursting forth in copper catkin (those floral chains that look like worms), many of the other oaks are shedding their "worms" as the new leaves push into flower, and spread them (with wind help) into dusty humps upon the ground.

I'm pretty sure these are the seeds of a Silver Tip maple, now turning brittle and the color of straw. Next week, whirling wind.

What a wild wisteria patch! I hope to return next year and harvest a body of images.

Other things observed:

Azalias (sp?), blooming under the dogwood.
Red bud greatly diminished
Red Clover building in mounds
Purple Vetch beginning to out from the Red Clover mix
Dock weed in the interstate
lots of the yellow stick (daisy family) flowers
White bushes coated in mini-carnation.

Red Maple given to bold green leafing
Silver tip Maple given to whirly seed browning, far less leaf than the Red.
Sugar Maple flowerettes strewn on the ground, a suggestion of whirly bird seed.

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