Friday, August 14, 2009

Snapshot Week 32 , Aug 9 - 15: Wierd Stuff

Meadow Beauty: Rhexia virginica
Id waiting, member of the Pea family

Horse Nettle

Iron Weed

Iron Weeed 2

ID waiting (pea family)


Its been about a month since I've run a "snapshot" of a given week. In part, because there seemed to be at least a month where all I might have to post are Crepe Myrtle variations. (They have shouted color louder and longer for any season I remember.) This July and now August has been unusually temperate. July the wettest in recent record, and now August, with yet a day to top 100 F. (I remember about a decade back when we hit something like two weeks over the 100 degree mark, and our highest recorded of 115.) As a result, I am still mowing grass by the week, and the world around this place feels of Ireland.

Anyway, all of that is to say, in the last two weeks I've noticed all manner of new flourish, and some exotics I have never seen before. Big theme on the interstate (with a couple of months more to go full tilt) are the little golden ragweeds shaped like tornadoes.) But other flowers, some of which I have never seen in any number, are jumping from the shoulders and meadows.

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Tom said...

First photograph looks like a Rhexia species.