Sunday, May 3, 2009

Snapshot week 17, 4/26-5/2 Wet

Roses from a very county cemetery


Blooms of the Black Locust tree

New growth, long needle pine

Buckeye (Firecracker weed)

Snapshot, week 17: April 26-May 2

I was afraid I wouldn't have much to offer this week. Heavy rains kept me dry - inside. All of these pictures were taken within one hour. I stopped to photograph a Spiderwort cluster on the side of country highway, and found a surprise cemetery in the process. (Highway 365, near Maumelle, right across from the county line liquor stores.)

Not shown:

  1. In one quick week almost all our Crimson clover have gone brown, with red floral heads transformed into brushy seed heads.
  2. The Privet hedge and Honeysuckle are exploding.
  3. Roses, both wild and garden variety, ring from woodland, bush, garden, and trellis.
  4. The woods, once marked by a patchwork of bold kelly and limon greens is maturing into a deep wet green. (As we move into summer, the greens will deepen and dry, till they match the deeper greens of the pines.)

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