Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Snapshot Week 20, May 17-23: Great Blue

Snapshot, Week 20: May 17-23

As a rule, I dedicate "Snapshots" to floral activity, but after a week of the folks in for my daughters' highschool graduation, I didn't have much to show, flora-wize. What I did capture were some nice images of a Great Blue Herron, taken on the White River, where I joined my Dad-n-law for a fishing trip.

As for the week in general, preceding weeks of heavy rain broke into bold blue skies, cumulus clouds, and a hot day or two. We are flirting again with ever more rain, but on the whole we saw the sun that we haven't seen in weeks.

It looks like we are now ending that last part of Spring I call the "White Zone.' Our dominant roadside flowers are the cream colored Queen Anne's Lace and the very white Daisy Fleabane, which together with the boiling popcorn clouds and lance-leaf correopsis, make for a theme of white on white with green, and a touch of gold.

Flowers seen, to present later this week

Daisy Fleabane
Mega clovers
Horse Nettle
Moth Mullen
Self Heal

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