Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Snapshot Week 19: 5/10-5/16 - 40 days shy

Busted. Almost three weeks of steady rain, with a strom or two thrown in for good measure.

Pecan tree heavy with floral catkins. Peacnas are one of last major trees to go to leaf.

Green day with moss, Sweetgum tree

Swamp dwelling Spider Lilies flourished at the begining of the week, went bad by the end.

"Jetson" weeds, among the crimson clover seed heads.

The up and coming weed extravaganza.

Southern mags, the big guys are out in full force.

After almost three weeks of steady rain, Arkansas is one big wet green Miso-soup soppy mess. It would appear, however, that the weeds and grasses really like it. (Wonder what it ever feels to be a germ living on green mold... go outside.)

Given the weather my observatory skills may be diminished, but here is a quick count:

  1. Wild Pink carnation roses, starting to take to the highway hedge rows
  2. Still lots of honeysuckle.
  3. Queen Anne's lace in bell curve growth spurt
  4. Poisson Hemlock (or that which looks like QAL but is not, rising in the shadows.
  5. Grass, Grass, weeds, and all kinds of things that I have yet to find names for.
  6. Spider lilies now expired.
  7. Catalpa trees in floral heat.

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