Sunday, May 10, 2009

Snapshot Week 18: 5/3-5/19: It's a jungle out there

Rain, Rain, Sun, Rain


Mount Holly Cemetery Roses
Privet Hedge Sludge...

Cat's Ear

Lance Leaf Coreopsis


Catalpa Blooms after downing rain

Crimson Clover, having gone to brushy seed head.

The week of May 3 through May 9 was one wet steamy mess. With some two weeks marked by rain, many parts of the state are juggling flood and mud. And we even had one 90 degree day in the mix.

QuObservation: I watched as a diesel bus left a trail or rose petals in its wake.

Quick notes:

  1. The school bus yellow lance leaf coreopsis reved with the rain.

  2. The purple vetch all but disappeared, leaving behind growing little pea beanies.

  3. Spider Wort, Catalpa, Privet Hedge in full stride.

  4. Red Clover, White Clover, Yellow clover, Mega White Clover....going wild. Crimson gone to seed.

  5. Grass, Grass, Grass. I have yet to give the kind of kind of time to it will take to learn my grasses and tell them apart, but there are more and bigger grasses in the wake of rain than I have seen in some years.

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