Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Prickly Pair

Repost, from last year. Of all things, I haven't seen these things yet, but I figure they must be here, somewhere

All Pics May 26, 2008, justt North of Maumell, AR on Interstate 40

I must confess, I was suprised. This is Arkansas. We are hot, but not so dry. And while I have seen Prickle Pair in the woods attached to rocky outcrops, this big stand of blooin' cacti was right off of I-40, (near Little Rock) and that after weeks of solid rain -- mixed with the likes of dried Purple Vetch and Red Clover seed-heads.

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Marvin said...

The first time I found prickly pear in northern Arkansas I was also very surprised, but it's here -- not a lot, but I find a small plant occasionally. Great photos of the blooms.