Sunday, June 14, 2009

Snapshot Week 23, 6/8-6/13

I am out of town for several days, so it will be a bit till I can post pictures.

Week in review.

Gold and ruby-rust. The Plains Coreopsis is now our flower of force, as it seems within just ten days, to have become our dominant roadside bloom, coating the halls in bold god and rust. Other contenders for the dominance are the Queen Anne's Lace and the ever bigger and bunchier Daisy Fleabane.

I don't know why, but we have a field nearby just brimming in Blackeyed Susan, but I don't see them in such numbers along the road.

I used to think that straw colored grass was a function of dryness... now (given plenty of rain) I see that it is just a function of maturation. Interstate 40 is robed in waving straw, and gold, with a touch of Mimosa ruby pink for highlight.

Other things observed:

Sweet Pea
Trumpet Vine
Sensitive Brier.
Wild white stuff, in the same family as the QAL but much lite.

More when I get back.

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