Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Snapshot 21: May 24-30

Wild "Carnation" roses

Daisy Fleabane


Daisy Fleabane and Lance leaf coreopsis (lower)

Water Hemlock (close and poison relative of Poison Hemlock)

Spiderwort continued.

Larkspur (Pics to post later this week)

(?) (Pics to post later this week)

Mega Clovers (Pics to post, later this week)

Crimson Clover after the fact
Self Heal

Plains Coreopsis. (Note: If not a "Plains" Coreopsis, this is something close. What's missing is the dark red center that I associate with the Plains version.)

May 24-30, 2009
Following almost a month of steady rains, the end of May finally broke out into sun, and a wild- flower bonanza. I'm not sure if I am simply seeing things earlier (because I know what they are) or if we are "ahead," but it seems that some blooming things are blooming earlier than in the last years.
We have now entered the White Zone - in which our dominant Interstate flowers are the Daisyfleabane and Queen Anne's lace, making for corridors flanked in cloudland white.
Spots of hot pink wild rose
Spiderworts still going strong
More, bigger, and bushier daisy fleabane - everywhere
The big white Mega clovers, starting to brown.
Queen Anne's Lace in billowing tufts.
The first of the Mimosa blooms

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