Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Daisy Fleabane

Mutant floral head.

I terms of timeliness, I might have thrown these up a month ago... but the daisy fleabane just keep building - and billowing. It seems that they have out-done themselves this year, and are now... along with the Queen Anne's Lace, our dominant roadside flower.
Truth is, I am not sure if this is the same plant that I have seen in April - often a single stem with three or four flowers...or the same flower I see in October that looks more like a tumble weed robed in white. The flower looks the same, but the mass keeps changing. So... is it one species, or three different plants with tree volumes and a similar flower?
Like other members of the Asteraceae (daisy) family, each daisy-fleabane bloom is a actually a colony of smaller flowers. So any given stem work may in fact bear tens of thousands of mini flowers.

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Marvin said...

Nice shots of an old and familiar friend.