Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Repost: As of March 16, 2010 the Henbit are going strong, with the Purple Dead  Nettle just starting to emerge.   Looks like we are a week behnd last year in growth patterns.

Henbit: Lamium amplexicaule
Also known as: Multi-stories (mine), Giraffe Head, Llama head (mine).

Henbit is one of those things that never seems to go fully away. I have seen Henbit sprigs in the muck of a January winter, and they are one of the first blooms to announce themselves upon our lawns. Some folks call them weeds, but I have always thought of them as crushable flowers. (i.e. the kind we walk on, and discover to our great delight.)


Henbit can be seen in great purple patches, and are often found in the presence of at least one thing which is not Henbit, Purple Dead-nettle (Red Dead-nettle) Lamium purpureum . Both Henbit and Purple-Dead Nettle produce a similar flower and are part of the Mint family. They often claim the same territory. When I first encountered the later I thought it to be an alternate season growth of the Henbit.

That which is not Henbit:

Purple Dead (or Red-Dead) Nettle.

(You can also see some in the big Henbit patch at top of page.)

Self Heal

Lyre leaf Sage

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