Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Lawn Dainties

Lawn Dainties. (Repost from last year, - Both Claytonia and Hustonia are going strong as of mid March 2010

After a reader correction I am going with Claytonia for the larger top bloom. Thanks Tom for the assist. It is much appreciated.
The smaller deep purple/blue flower is of the Hustonia family, though I cannot tell from the Missouri flower guide if it is Hustaona minima (it is small), or if it is Hustonia pusilla or Hustonia Caerulea.
In either case these are flowers, that if they loomed large would astonish us, but we are content to crush them under our feet.

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Tom said...

Looks like a Claytonia to me rather than Geranium maculatum. Excellent perspective on these tiny gems.