Thursday, March 25, 2010

Japanese Magnolia Extravaganza.

March 19-25 2010,

In the last week I have had occasion to shoot over a thousand frames of the Japanese Magnolias that grace the Arkansas State Capitol Grounds.  They are --as would be expected --an annual event, though they seem to be EXTRA gorgeous this year, in part, because they stayed on the trees without a freeze.  Like everything else this year, they bloomed about a week later than last year, and given that the last three years have bitten the blooms and turned them brown, that's a welcome delay.

The Japanese Magnolias, are - as the name suggests - a transplant. I have yet to find one in the wild, but they stand for me, as the gateway to Spring.

We appear to have three varieties of the Japanese Magnolia on the Capitol Grounds -- One variety characterized by longer petals and branches (and which blooms a few days earlier), another version with short stubby branches and a denser bloom pack, and one lone small tree with a purple, rather than soft pink bloom.

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