Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Snapshot (Repost 3/30 from 3/22-3/29/09 Catkin Country

Water Oak, copper with floral catkin

Chestnut Oak, heavy with floral catkin

This almost last week of March was absolutley huge for Spring Time display. Only probem...It rained so hard and for so many days (in waves) that lots of the growth happened "unseen." If any week was flash week, this was it. Most of the Oak are in some form of flowering (thick in copper Catkin), with several species putting out new green to chase the gold. Beyond that, the maple are lumpy with seed and color.
Silver-tip Maple (green), and Red Maple (Red) burst forth in helicopter seed outcrop

Seedlings of a Red-Maple (?) variety


Water, Willow, Chestnut, Southern Red.... To be honest I am not sure of all of my Oak trees, pre-leaf - but I have seen all of these in bold flowering. (It seems the Pin Oak hold back, now naked and brittle)

Many of the Maples hit full seed. Even the Sugar Maple, latter than the others in flowering display are putting out some kind of odd display that I haven't figured out. Did I miss the flower (and they are going to seed) or is this the flower part, and the seeds follow late and behind the leaf. (see below)

Redbud - hit there full purple zenith early in week, some are starting to throw heart shaped tenders.

This is from 2009, and as has been the rule this season, we are about 7 days behidn last year's bloom cycle.  I have yet to see opening dogs, but they should be opening soon.

Dogwood started opening the begining of the week, and some are reaching full form by week's end (March 29)

Tulip Poplar, putting out leaf
Weeping Willow, cascading green
Little lawn flowers. Everywhere
Little violets - all over.

Three Leaf clover (standard white, still largley flowerless) but throwing out huge clover mounds.

Purple Dead-Nettle in large patches, appears to have eclipsed Henbit in volume.

Large bolts of onion grass.

Crimson clover emerging along our roadsides.

I hadn't seen them till someone mentioned them, but the yellow trumpet hedge floweres (Jessamine) are everywhere.

Tulips in full regalia.

Brads, now monolithic fresh green
Wisteria, in fall
Buttercups on the upwards swing

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